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Arista Triton: Could you please do a full woman’s outfit for Arista?

All done. I hope you like it!

Find Arista’s fashion here:


Any requests?

Find the Cheshire Cat’s look here:


Anonymous said: Hi I'm visiting Disney for the holidays, can you make any character but like on a budget for under $100 for the holidays? I really would appreciate it thanks :)

the majority of the outfits that I do for the characters are under $100, but if there is a specific holiday character that you would like to see send another request :). To see if they are under $100 just click the llink and it should tell you the price.

Could you please create a female fashion, hair, and nails for Fix-It Felix Jr. from “Wreck it Ralph”?

All finished :) hope you like it

Find Fix-It Felix’s look here:


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